Archimedes Muzenda Appointed Executive Director of the African Planning Society

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa. October 14, 2019. Archimedes Muzenda, a senior research associate at the African Urban Institute has been appointed the executive director of the African Planning Society. Muzenda will lead the newly reorganised Society, which was previously, the African Urban Community of Practice an initiative of the African Urban Institute. The society will bring together planning professionals from across Africa to discuss issues affecting the planning and development of African communities.

Previously, Archimedes Muzenda was the coordinator of the African Urban Community of Practice until it was reorganised into the African Planning Society. Speaking on his appointment African Urban Institute’s director of corporate affairs, Maryjane Chikukwa, emphasised the important role played by the Society. “Reorganising AUCoP into the African Planning Society comes at critical time as planning professionals across Africa seek to draw lessons from each other and influence planning policies for better communities. That is what the motto of the Society is now ‘Creating Great African Communities.’ We believe Archimedes Muzenda will be very fundamental in setting up the Society and steering it up to shape planning of communities better.

The African Planning Society will promote networking, knowledge exchange and capacity building among professionals. Guided by its policy principles, the African Planning Society will implement lobbying and advocacy programmes in African countries. This will influence governments to improve legislation that affect the practice of planning and development of sustainable communities. It will publish policy statements and writing letters to governments advising on best approaches to improve the development of cities.

The newly established African Planning Society has set up thirty-eight country chapters across the continent and fifteen divisions that cover various planning issues. In these chapters and divisions, the members of the society will discuss country-specific planning issues and share their experiences and knowledge with other countries.

The society welcomes membership registration by planning professionals in the built environment. The membership is currently free under the funding of the African Urban Institute and allied sponsors. To register as a member, please visit


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