Dystopia: How The Tyranny of Specialists Fragment African Cities

Dystopia: How The Tyranny of Specialists Fragment African Cities
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Genre: Non-Fiction
Tags: africa, cities, land use planning, urban, urban planning
Publisher: African Urban Institute Press
Publication Year: 24 September 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 258 pages
ISBN: 9781779068873

A revelation of the spatial atrocities committed by specialists in the development of cities in Africa.

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About the Book

Africa is the new kid on the urbanisation block, and it has become a playing ground for urban specialists who are trying to solve various urbanisation challenges. Well-intentioned they may be; the approaches by being single-minded are going in the wrong direction.

In this book, Archimedes Muzenda reveals how the specialist approaches are fragmenting cities. From traffic engineering focusing on speed of traffic, environmentalism fixated on the greening of cities; modernist architects that is creating non-places, and academia that is developing new urban theories for Africa. The anti-poverty advocacy is pushing the ‘right to the city’ agenda without accompanying responsibility while urban regulators are perpetuating sprawl. Of recent, the tech industry has a newly-found market, smart cities. These specialists have turned Africa’s utopian urban aspirations into dystopias. Ironically, the dystopias are well celebrated.

To save the concept of urban from running extinct from the habitat vocabulary, urban specialists need to find one another. The prosperity, sustainability and justice of cities is too complex to be achieved by specialists in their isolation.

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About the Author
Archimedes Muzenda

Archimedes Muzenda is an urbanist and researcher who has spent his early career studying urbanisation in various African regions. He is a senior research associate at the African Urban Institute.

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