Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility (AoSUM) 2019 @ LaPaz, Bolivia and São Paolo, Brazil
May 6 – May 10 all-day
Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility (AoSUM) 2019 @ LaPaz, Bolivia and São Paolo, Brazil

The UN Habitat Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility (AoSUM) is inviting applications for the 2019 workshop. The Academy offers a combination of classroom and web-based training linked with targeted study tours to LaPaz, Bolivia and São Paolo, Brazil from 6-10 May 2019.

This course is aimed at decision-makers who wish to gain an advanced understanding of Sustainable and Innovative Urban Mobility Solutions. You are eligible to apply only if you are a representative of a local, regional or national government, transport operator or transport authority.


  • Orient decision-makers to develop an alternative paradigm for urban mobility in their city – that seeks to improve accessibility by introducing more efficient, inclusive, safe and innovative public transport integrated with active mobility modes;
  • Facilitate exchange among decision-makers on best practices around sustainable urban mobility and land use integration;
  • Foster discussions among urban practitioners, experts and system providers on innovative mobility solutions;
  • Learn how to successfully embed innovative mobility solutions in mobility planning, policies & regulation;
  • Be introduced to sustainable funding mechanisms, including the applicability of public-private partnerships;
  • Build a knowledge base and partnership platform for continuous exchange on sustainable urban mobility.

Successful applicants will be given a pre-training preparation before the week-long workshop which includes study visits. On return, participants are expected to put their learning into practice – and will be further benefiting from established partnerships, capacity building and technical advice by the organizing partners. Continuous learning and sharing will be facilitated in the long-term through the AoSUM alumni network.

Learn about innovative public transport solutions from around the globe. Exchange your experience with like-minded.

If interested, send an email to with a Letter of Interest addressing the following:

  1. Name of your institution and mandate
  2. Staff position and experience
  3. What Urban Mobility Projects is your institution involved with?
  4. Describe how you would benefit from AoSUM?


  1. All costs of the stay in Latin America will be covered by the organizers.
  2. Flight costs should be covered by participants (subject to discussion)

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